How We Survived Sick Season

Question: What is sick season? Answer: Season for colds, flus, allergies, and political stresses

The American Psychological Association reported that the election did a number on the country's overall stress levels and added additional pressure to an already taxed immune system.

Member Spotlight: Nomi Network

It was a standard micro financing fellowship with her NYU graduate program that brought Diana Mao to Cambodia. She and her male colleague were speaking to a single father with seven children, when at the end of their meeting, the father offered his youngest daughter to her colleague. This was the profound moment that Diana witnessed human trafficking firsthand.

The Top Restaurants to Impress Clients: Chicago

From its high-end Michelin restaurants like Alinea to its cheap, but amazing hot dog and shakes at Portillo's, Chicago is known for its culinary scene. Chicago literally has whatever you are in the mood to eat, but what about eating to impress business clients?

Work Better Entrepreneur: Staffing

One of the great thrills of being a business owner is the day you walk into your office and see a team of brilliant faces looking back at you, pounding away on keyboards while doing your bidding. These employees are more than just workers; they are part of a machine, but good ones can be challenging to find.

What's the Deal with a "Virtual Office"?

What's the Deal with a "Virtual Office"?

An avatar sitting at a cartoon desk, a workspace in virtual reality, or simply working from home and connecting to your company online. Any number of images can come to mind when considering the term “Virtual Office.”

It’s All About the Amenities, Baby!

Coworking has Never Been so Sweet

You’re sitting in first class on a 5-star airline and the bar cart rolls around. You have two options: take advantage of the unlimited adult beverages or get your boring coffee. Which do you choose? Of course you choose the adult beverage (unless you’re underage, in which case, don’t drink, and stay in school) and you arrive happy at your final destination.

Productivity: Sunday Night Routines from our Team

There are over 13.5 million results in Google when searching “Morning Routine.”  This sounds like a mind blowing amount of content on this subject, but it’s clear that many successful people are early risers with a solid routine.

Best Happy Hours Around the Willis Tower

When it’s freezing outside in Chicago, what can warm you up? After work Happy Hours of course! Work Better’s Chicago location is in the regal Willis Tower, and here are some spots just a short walk away that are worth checking out:

Top Chelsea Happy Hours You'll Love

It’s Thursday night and you’re just getting off work in Chelsea, Manhattan. There is no better night for Happy Hour with coworkers than Thursday night when you get to celebrate “almost Friday” (as long as there are no 7am meetings the next day).

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