MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Tiplr Releases Travel App, Saves The World

At Work Better, we love when our members are doing cool stuff, and we love promoting what they’re working on. Tiplr, one of our members at our Park Ave South location, is doing some amazing work in the travel industry with the recent launch of their app.

Listen Better: Playlists for a Better Work Week

If you need quiet while you work, there is no need to continue reading this article. If you're like me and need some background tunes, then this article will be of value to you.

We don’t have a Keg on Tap, but...

“The Keg” has made its way into modern culture and modern offices. Many shared offices and coworking spaces brag about their 24-hour keg on tap for members. But we don’t think it’s that great, and here is why:

7 Technologies that Act as your Virtual Assistant

7 Technologies that Act as your Virtual Assistant

From busy moms to top-level executives, everyone has at one point or another said they wished they had an assistant (if they don’t already have one that is).

Shared Space Etiquette #coworking

Shared Space Etiquette: The Hub at Work Better

Coworking spaces are unlike conventional office space (obviously). While  many of the same rules apply, there are a few tips that once mastered will make you the optimal shared space neighbor.

What is a Coworkcation, and is it worth it?

You work in a shared office environment, and you’ve already taken your vacation for the year, but you’re in desperate need of a change of scenery. The answer: coworkcation.

So Trump is President, what to know for your Small Business

So Trump is President: What to Know for Your Small Business

Whether you’re for or against him, a Trump presidency means changes are coming. It’s still early in his presidency, but Donald Trump made many campaign promises that, if fulfilled, will have a large impact on small businesses.

Balancing Profit for your Business and Personal Values

Morals Meet Profits

What happens when morals and profits meet? Since the birth of the “art of business” centuries ago, there has always been fraud, corruption, and moral compromise.

How We Survived Sick Season

Question: What is sick season? Answer: Season for colds, flus, allergies, and political stresses

The American Psychological Association reported that the election did a number on the country's overall stress levels and added additional pressure to an already taxed immune system.

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